Mental Health Insurance Billing Services for Therapists and Psychiatrists

mental health billing services

So it went from no coverage for those codes to getting paid for codes. They also permitted it to be used for new or established patients. And particularly for the codes, it can be reported by physicians or QHPs, the through 443 series. The payments for those visits were adjusted to be similar to CPT codes to 214, which would be your established patient visit codes, mental health billing office visit codes during the public health emergency. And then secondly, there is an impact on the patient in regards to enrolling in this program. Medicare or CMS requires that we obtain advanced consent from the patient, because this is a billed service for non-face-to-face time, which is a key difference from what patients are used in an outpatient setting.

And then when we looked at expansion, as I mentioned, we’re a large health system and we wanted to make sure that this could grow efficiently, so we focused on automating as many of the processes as possible. Billing4Psych is ultimate one shop for all you healthcare business needs offering robust managed solutions for Mental/Behaviorial Health Providers. No matter where you work in health care, you face unprecedented change with the shift to accountable care. B4P strives to assist providers in collecting revenue in a timely manner read more..

BPS Billing Pursues Insurers for Unpaid Claims

During EMDR, patients focus on traumatic or triggering experiences while a therapist guides their eye movements. Because of the diversion, the person can be exposed to difficult memories without having a strong psychological response. EMDR therapy is an interactive psychotherapy technique that’s used to relieve psychological stress. Therapists primarily practice this form of treatment with people who have trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Mental health counselors work one-on-one with people to assist them with emotional, psychological, and cognitive issues.

We …(are) a private psychiatric practice with over 500 patients… If you’ve filed a claim and had it denied because the client is no longer covered by his or her old plan, you’ll need to contact the client and get their new information. If they don’t have insurance, you’ll need to try to get payment from the client.

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And that form has about six clicks that they need to fill out, and it’s all clicks that determine the patient’s progress through the program, their status, their PHQ-9 scores, et cetera. And these codes are important because they’re specifically for psychotherapy when they’re performed with another evaluation and management service. So they’re designed to add on to another service that you may be performing. Now, there are requirements that those services have to be separately identifiable, they have to be reported, obviously, using specific codes.

To begin the search for a mental health expert, start by seeking an in-network provider through your insurance company. Find a list of covered mental health counselors by calling your insurance or visiting their online database of in-network providers. Insurance may cover inpatient care costs if treatment is deemed medically necessary. The specific coverage will depend on the terms of your plan, so the best way to find out is to talk with your insurance provider.

Complete Guide to Mental Health Billing

Keep a record of all client interactions regarding insurance changes. This documentation can be crucial in case any disputes arise in the future. Ensure that the documentation is legible and completed promptly after the service is provided. Note that the patient provided informed consent for the treatment and that confidentiality was discussed. If interactive complexity was present during the session (communication barriers, high emotional intensity), document this to support using the relevant CPT code. When considering whether to join a network or accept payment from insurers, it’s important to evaluate their pre-approval rules and their limits for payment.

So everything that we talk about here, certainly make sure that you consult the full coding information and guidelines that’s available to get a full sense of what works. We are an expert who knows the requirement of the practitioners well, and we work from head to toe to provide the clients with our best services. Review your billing and scheduling policies to ensure clients are informed about the importance of pre-authorization.

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